Academic Research

Computer Engineering Department faculty members are carrying out extensive academic studies as well as educational activities.
Academic papers can be from personal web pages of faculty members.

Research Labs in Our Departments

Mobile and Wireless Communications Laboratory
Computer Networks Laboratory
Computer Laboratory
Hardware Laboratory
Cisco Laboratory
Microprocessors Laboratory
Biometric Laboratory
Data Mining Research Laboratory

Some research project in Our Department 

Developing a Small Universal General Aimed Robot
Distance Learning Modeling in Gazi University
The Network of Excellence for Innovative Production Machines and Systems (I*PROMS)
Project Partner, Gazi University, Online Distance Learning Model In European Union Law Education, Leonardo Vinci (B Tipi), 2006-2008.
Web Based Mobile Robot for Scientific and Educational Purposes 
European Thematic Network Doctoral Education Computing(ETN DEC)
National IPv6 Protocol Infrastructure and Transition Project, TUBITAK-KAMAG
Intelligent Software Development for Information and Computer Security
GSM based SCADA System Design and Implementation
GSM / GPRS-based wireless network and Developing Health Information Network which Covers all of Turkey 
Artificial Intelligence Based Query Healed Natural XML Open Source Database Server Software
Developing Broadband Wireless Mobile Networks Security Conscious Intelligent Routing Protocol 
Developing Multi-Posted Protocol on Wireless Network 
3G-Based Adaptive and Energy Efficient Smart Home Implementation
3-D Discrete Cosine Transform based Feature Extraction for Face Recognition
Smart Microphone for Mobile Devices
Digital Processing of Ultrasound Images
Wireless Sensor Network Based Border Surveillance System for Turkey's Border Security
User Profile Analysis in Social Networks Using Data Mining
In-Network Outlier Detection Based Fault Tolerant Data Aggregation Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks