Our department's undergraduate program is internationally accredited by the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Education Programs (MÜDEK), and as a result of the interim evaluation conducted by MÜDEK in 2023, its accreditation was extended until September 30, 2026.

MÜDEK is an independent organization that operates to contribute to improving the quality of engineering education in Turkey by carrying out accreditation, evaluation and information studies for various engineering education programs in our country.


• It is recognized by YÖK as a national quality assurance organization for the accreditation of engineering programs.

• It is a member of ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education).

• Authorized by ENAEE to issue the EUR-ACE® (EURopean-ACcredited Engineer) label.

• It is a member of Washington Accord.

ENAEE, specifically addresses the education of engineers, whose importance is increasing in the global economy. ENAEE aims to contribute to and improve the quality of engineering education graduates to facilitate their professional mobility and develop their individual and collective skills to meet the needs of the economy and society. To achieve these goals, ENAEE authorizes accreditation and quality assurance organizations to award the EUR-ACE® label to the engineering degree programs they accredit. MÜDEK is the quality assurance organization authorized to issue the EUR-ACE® label in Turkey.

IEA (International Engineering Alliance), is a global non-profit association that organizes international agreements on engineering education and professional competencies in 29 countries. These international agreements aim to ensure the quality and professional competence of engineering education. To achieve these goals, the IEA authorizes accreditation and quality assurance bodies to give the WA (Washington Accord) label to the engineering degree programs they accredit. MÜDEK is the quality assurance organization authorized to issue the WA label in Turkey.

EUR-ACE® label is the certificate given to programs accredited by authorized agencies. WA is a global agreement that enables institutions that accredit undergraduate engineering education programs to recognize each other's accredited programs as equivalent. Programs with MÜDEK accreditation are considered equivalent to programs in other countries within the scope of this global agreement.

Organizations and countries that are authorized to issue WA labels and have mutual recognition agreements;


• Engineers Australia - AUSTRALIA

• Engineering Council UK - ENGLAND

• Engineers Canada - CANADA

• Engineers Ireland - IRELAND

• Institution of Professional Engineers NZ - NEW ZEALAND

• The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - HONG KONG

• Engineering Council of South Africa - SOUTH AFRICA

• Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education - JAPAN

• Institution of Engineers Singapore - SINGAPORE

• Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea - SOUTH KOREA

• Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan - TAIWAN

• Board of Engineers Malaysia - MALAYSIA


• Association for Engineering Education of Russia - RUSSIA

• National Board of Accreditation - INDIA

• Institution of Engineers - SRI LANKA

• China Institution for Science and Technology – CHINA

• Pakistan Engineering Council - PAKISTAN

• Instituto de Calidad y Acreditacion de Programas de Computacion, Ingenieria y Tecnologia - PERU

• Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y de Arquitectos de Costa Rica - COSTA RICA

List of Undergraduate Programs Accredited by MÜDEK (as of July 01, 2023)

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Washington Accord Signatory Status

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